Young OLD Gear?

Your camera is 3 years old? – How do you even call yourself a photographer?

OK let’s face it ANY camera from ANY brand from the last 5 years is going to be able to do pretty much anything you want.

The last couple of months HAS just been epic with all the brands pumping out there latest & greatest cameras & for myself it’s just too much & a bit boring now.

This camera has this – This camera has that – This one can do this & this one overheats.

I’m usually 3 or 4 years behind the tech world (As I’m drafting this on my 5 year old iPhone 6 Plus) But I do keep my eye on the new camera releases & updates – But I must say the last couple of months has just been a gear overload.

I shoot on a 4.5 year old Lumix GX8 & a 2.5 year old Lumix G9 & they suit my style down to the ground – I would like to experiment with a full frame again & I recon it will be a canon 6d mkii (3.5 year old camera) 

To be completely honest it makes me want to get my Nikon D90 & D700 back in action & go against all the new camera hype & total bombardment from all the camera companies advertising & YouTube endorsements.

I mean I’m pretty sure I could still shoot a pretty cool session with a D90 & D700  (no worries) 

Shoot / Create / Share – GRD

Grant Robert Davies

Freelance Photographer / Writer

Gold Coast / Scenic Rim

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