75mm – The Hidden Teacher

75mm – The Hidden Teacher

Composition at 75mm

My lens of choice is the Olympus 12 to 40mm 2.8 – It’s such a great All-Round Lens & I use it for EVERYTHING! However it makes me lazy & I’m finding my compositions being very much the same.

Exploring different concepts & ideas. One of them being shooting with prime lenses & getting away from the zooms? The idea is it would force me to get up & re-compose try different positions & angles.

We are all our own worse critics & even though I’m getting a bit board with my images I do think I have a flavor & style, this is something I’m mindful of & always looking to develop. That’s why in researching potential prime lenses I came across the 75mm 1.8. It’s different & not the normal Nifty 50 or 35mm prime you might use. Could this 75mm lens inspire my creativity?

At the moments I’m not too keen to invest nearly $1000 on a new lens, I mean I could go a purchase one but what if I don’t like it? What if it’s just not me? I’m not going to rent one either or ask Olympus if I could borrow one for a while, that’s just too much work & mucking around! What can I do NOW that could inform my decision! This is where a hidden teacher started showing it’s self! I got an old zoom kit lens that was 45 to 150mm.

Setting it at 75mm & seeing if that focal length is really me & usable in my style was the idea? But at 75mm it’s about F/5.6 unlike the F/1.8 of the Olympus! Not a true indication, but I continued.-Wow – what a learning experience it has been over the last couple of weeks! Not only has the 75mm focal length made me totally rethink my compositions & change the way I shoot.

But the limits of the 5.6 F-Stop has made me work my camera settings & truly dive deep into the exposure triangle again, chasing the light & forcing me to develop my craft. Who would of thought a plastic kit lens could do such a thing?

The 75mm Focal length is creative & really opening composition doors! I can only imagine how the F/1.8 is going to add another dimension to things & the concept of potentially getting that lens has led me down a road of creativity & professional development I could of never imagined.

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