Online Bass Lessons

Online Bass Lessons

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Hello – Thank you for stopping by and checking out my online bass lesson page. My name is Grant and I’ve been a professional bass player and music producer for over 20 years and teaching for nearly 15.

I have always offered online lesson options to my students – However now in this current global situation (COVID-19) I’ve started to focus more on delivering high quality bass lessons online as a flexible and affordable way for new students to learn the bass.


It all started in the year 1999, I started playing bass in high school and I knew from that point on it was going to be my life.

The bass guitar has took me on an amazing journey, from playing in high profile wedding bands to working as a professional sideman with Australian Idol contestants. Playing both live and recording in the studio I carved out a great professional career from the ground up.

About 5 years into my professional playing career I started to casually take on a couple of students – This then lead to a couple more and then all of a sudden I had a roster of more than 20 private students. I was not only just a musician now – but a educator too.


Education is something I’m very passionate about and in my time teaching I have developed a system that is fun, practical and easy to apply – getting results quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a total beginner or someone that has been playing for a while I structure all my lessons around your goals and what you want to learn – While also incorporating all the essential elements that makes for a great musician.

Lessons Cover:

  • Knowing Your Instrument
  • Fretboard Navigation and Knowledge
  • Correct Technique and Positioning
  • Playing With Fingers, Pick and Slap
  • Learning Melody and Harmony
  • Writing Bass Lines and Developing Grooves
  • Intervals and Chord Theory
  • Understanding The Major and Minor Scales
  • Learning Modes and Using Them
  • Diving Deep Into The Pentatonic Scale
  • Blues Playing and Theory
  • Developing Good Time and Groove
  • Learning Popular Songs
  • Signwriting and Composition
  • Recording and Music Production
    And Much Much More… …

Online Bass Lessons

Learning the bass guitar online is a great way to develop your skills with the guidance of a professional musician without leaving the comfort of your own home. All you need is your bass a computer, headphones and a good internet connection.

FREE Consultation Lesson!!!

Yes that’s right I give all my new students a FREE consultation lesson! Its more of a Meet and Greet and usually lasts about 15 to 20 mins – In that time we get to know each other, go over the things you want to learn and work on AND importantly go over how to set yourself up for learning online, getting you computer ready, software, audio, camera angle etc… etc…

Lesson Requirements:

  • Your Bass Guitar
  • Headphones / Amplification
  • Computer With a Webcam
  • Skype Or Zoom Installed (With Account)

One of the best things about learning online is that you get the entire lesson recorded as a reference – Not only do I email the notes on what we cover during our lessons – But you get the video too!

Fees and Payment

Lessons are conducted at a mutual time that suits both you and myself – morning, afternoon Or evening, during the week or on weekends with 30min, 45min and 1 hr session available.

All lessons are invoiced and Payment is to be made online via EFT and Or PayPal for students outside of Australia.

CANCELATIONS: I require 24hrs notice if a student needs to reschedule their lessons. If students do not give 24hrs a $25 cancelation fee applies.


  • $37.50 Single 30min Lesson
  • $60.00 Single 45min Lesson
  • $75.00 Single 60min Lesson

Looking To Improve Your Bass Playing?

Online Bass Guitar Lessons

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