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Getting your bass serviced and set-up is very important – Instruments with a bad action can cause major problems to your playing & motivation, not to mention your physical health.

After many years as a pro bass player & educator I decided to take things more seriously as I noticed most of my students instruments always needed a good set-up & service, however I had nobody to send them to that specialise in basses – They were always guitar technicians servicing basses.

I have always set-up my own basses & learnt the craft while working in various music shops & by teaching myself. Hence about 5 years ago I started Brisbane Bass Tech (BBT) a dedicated service setting up & servicing basses in the greater Brisbane area.

If it’s a brand new bass straight from the shop or an old bass needing some life put back into it all bass guitars should be serviced and set-up every 1 to 2 years to keep them in optimal playing condition.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please feel free to drop me a line anytime I’m always happy to chat about anything bass related.

My workshop is currently located in Greenbank  about 30mins south of Brisbane City on Mount Lindesay Highway. I offer free quotes on all repairs & have a fast turnaround on setting up most standard basses.

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Grant Robert Davies

21 Angelsea Street, Greenbank, QLD, 4124

  • 30 Mins South of Brisbane
  • 5 Mins Off Mt Lindesay Highway

PH: 0414 524 912

Brisbane Bass Tech

Specialised Bass Guitar Service & Set-Ups Brisbane

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