Is the G7 THE ultimate EDC camera? [On a Budget]

With a recent trip to SeaWorld I decided to change things up a bit a instead of taking my Lumix GX8 or Big G9, I reached for my old tiny G7 🙂 known mostly for its 4K video function – Its a killer stills camera too!

What do we all look for in a Every Day Carry (EDC) camera?

▪️Weight (Light As Possible)


▪️Image Quality



Loaded with my Olympus 60mm Macro Lens I had a tiny light combo that was versatile, easy to carry – That resulted in unique & quality images of our day.

I found it great to carry all day long & it did not tie me down or felt heavy once – It was very also discreet & did not draw attention to itself at all.

Being able to control the G7 in full manual mode & having a 16mp sensor the G7 is a little camera that is MORE than enough to handle most situations & having the option to change lenses makes what I think it a super versatile EDC camera combo.

PRICE?!? Did I mention the price?!? I have seen this camera on marketplace for as low as $400 – sometimes with a kit lens too! This is where the budget factor fits in 🙂 Most point & shoot cameras at this price point & have no where near the flexibility & functions of the G7.

So for this summer I think the G7 is going to be my new EDC camera, especially paired up with a nice little prime lens is going to be a “Super Combo”

Bass | Audio | Photo – GRD

LUMIX G9? – 2021 Worthy?

5 Reasons I got a Lumix G9 moving into 2021

The Lumix G9 come out late 2017 and was the flagship photo centric camera in the Panasonic Lumix line-up before they released the full frame range in late 2018 early 2019.

Now at the end of 2020 & moving forward into 2021, the question is? Is the G9 still worth picking up for keen amateurs & semi professional photographers like myself. Here are my top 5 reasons I picked one up!

1: PRICE – In Australia you can pick one up on sale new for as little as $1500 & on the second hand market as low as $890 & that is a lot of camera for the price.

2: Micro 4/3rds Mount – Being a micro four thirds Mount/Sensor the Lumix G9 has a HUGE range of of lenses that are small & compact & come in many different focal lengths – Not only from Panasonic but ALL Olympus lenses fit the mount too, making the lens choice very diverse and as I’m heavily invested in micro 4/3rds it made sense for me.

3: The Sensor – The G9 Has a effective 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that produces amazing JPEGS in camera & also shoots detailed RAW images onto a TWIN SD card slot. With the ability to shoot 80 megapixel images the options are endless for great looking photos.

4: Image Stabilisation – The G9 has incredible stabilisation built into the camera – 5-axis Sensor-shift Image Stabilisation to be precise & paired up with a Lumix Lens with its own stabilisation gives you amazing hand-held options for shooting stills in low light.

5: Display – The G9 has a super clear EVF with a resolution of 3.68 million dots giving you ta great reference of your exposure in camera as you shoot & with the fully articulating flip screen composing shots from all angle is a breeze.

Now thats only my “Top” 5 reasons for purchasing Lumix G9 in 2020/21, there are WAY more cool things like how the camera is fully customisable with programable function buttons, the 20fps burst mode, the great auto focus & how WELL the G9 is built in its quality! I could go on & on…

Let me know what you think? Do you think its still a great camera for photography in late 2020? How do you think it compares to all the “New” releases?

Bass | Audio | Photo – GRD

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